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  • Say “NO” to Gas Powered Car Bans

    Now’s the time to take a stand! The Biden Administration’s new vehicle regulations could limit our car choices and force Americans to buy…

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  • Tammy Baldwin Loves Bidenomics

    And your Senator, Tammy Baldwin, loves Bidenomics so much she voted for all $5.5 TRILLION of the Bidenomics big government binge.

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  • Bidenomics = Bad Economics

    Joe Biden can’t spend our way out of this crisis or regulate and restrict the economy into growth for all. It’s time for…

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  • Rate Payer Robbery

    $1.5 BILLION in rate hikes have been awarded to utility companies since 2019 by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, $260 million alone for…

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  • Support Wisconsin’s Advanced Practice Nurses

    Please empower Wisconsin’s Advanced Practice Nurses and Wisconsin patients by signing Senate Bill 145 into law. This bill removes unnecessary government-imposed barriers on…

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  • Stop the PRO Act

    We are living through a once-in-a-generation economic crisis. The cost of living is rising and prosperity is being pushed further and further out…

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