AFP-Wisconsin elevates the voices of grassroots activists in every corner of the state to achieve major policy reforms that create more opportunity for all Wisconsinites.

AFP has successfully fought for policy changes for over a decade that have reformed government for the better:

  • Billions in tax cuts 
  • Expanding education freedom 
  • Labor reforms to support worker choice 
  • The first REINS Act in the Nation to limit regulatory overreach  
  • Cutting government pork in the state budget  
  • And we fought against cronyism every step of the way.  

There is still more work to do to make Wisconsin the best place to live, work, and raise a family.  

Transformational Income Tax Reform

Adopt a Flat Tax and move towards elimination of the income tax to help drive our economy forward and put money back into our pockets. Our government continues to collect far more in taxes that it needs, leading to massive surpluses year after year. Wisconsin’s progressive income tax continues to limit economic growth in our state. Reforming our tax structure and moving towards eliminating the income tax is good for Wisconsin families and businesses.

Fund Students Not Systems

All children deserve access to education options that best fit their individual needs, regardless of ZIP code or economic status. We support policies that empower parents and students and expand opportunities for access to all types of education.

Regulatory Reform

Increase certainty and fairness in Wisconsin’s regulatory landscape to help our economy thrive. Burdensome regulations limit economic growth and opportunity for our businesses and families. Providing certainty and limiting unnecessary, burdensome regulations is critical for a strong economy.

Health Care Personal Option

Empower patients, not government, to make their own health care decisions for quality care at affordable prices. Government-imposed barriers in health care unnecessarily drive up costs and limit access. We need to break down these barriers by allowing all qualified medical professionals to practice at the full scope of their training, and not limit delivery models of healthcare, to increase access and affordability.

Stop Cronyism & Corporate Welfare

Protect Wisconsin taxpayers from unfair cronyism policies that drive up the cost of goods and limit consumer choices. Protectionist policies that block competition are bad for Wisconsinites. From the energy sector and stopping Right of First Refusal, to pushing back against pork spending in the state budget, we are fighting against all types of cronyism.