Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin Kicks Off “Prosperity is Possible” Tour, Highlighting the Failures of “Bidenomics” in Series of Statewide Events

Madison, WI – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin (AFP-WI) announced the kickoff of its “Prosperity is Possible” tour, a series of statewide events focused on providing relief to Wisconsinites who are struggling to make ends meet under Biden’s disastrous economic agenda. The tour will shed light on the economic implications of “Bidenomics,” and hold accountable the lawmakers that support Biden’s failing policies.

“Wisconsinites can’t afford another four years of ‘Bidenomics,’” said AFP-WI State Director Megan Novak“Families are now spending over $10,000 extra annually to maintain the same standard of living they had before Biden assumed office. Wisconsinites are frustrated with the current situation and are eager for positive change. AFP-WI is working hard to educate and inform Wisconsinites that real solutions do exist while providing a little relief where Wisconsinites are feeling the pinch the most.”

Recent polling shows that the economy is top of mind for voters heading into this year’s election, with 61% of small business owners saying that ‘Bidenomics’ is ‘bad for the economy’ and only 26% saying they have been helped by President Biden’s economic policies.

“Wisconsinites are paying more and getting less under ‘Bidenomics,’” said Novak. “Runaway government spending is crushing Americans and frankly, people are tired of it. AFP-WI is bringing light to the failures of the current administration and lawmakers like Senator Baldwin who are in lockstep with Biden and his bad policies. ‘Bidenomics’ is failing the American people and it’s time we hold our leaders accountable.”

AFP-WI commenced the tour on Saturday with a grocery giveaway that provided some shoppers with relief on their skyrocketing grocery bill.

AFP-WI’s next event will take place in Appleton this Saturday, February 10th, at Eggrolls, Inc. AFP-WI will be providing FREE LUNCH to the first 150 people. Subsequent events will take place across the state. Future events will be announced at

AFP-WI State Director Megan Novak joined WisPolitics Capitol Chats on Wednesday to talk about the tour and our efforts to provide inflation relief to Wisconsinites statewide. Listen to the full Capitol Chats podcast HERE.