AFP on Senator Baldwin: “She Sides with Biden over Wisconsinites”

Madison, WI — Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin State Director Megan Novak released the following statement after Senator Baldwin admits she is proud to side with President Biden 95.5% of the time, in a recent interview with NBC 15.

“It’s important to remind Wisconsinites that Tammy Baldwin’s track record of supporting Biden’s policies is exactly what got us in this situation to begin with. The Inflation Reduction Act, American Rescue Plan, and Biden’s entire economic agenda are directly responsible for the high costs and radical inflation hurting Wisconsinites today.

“While Baldwin claims to be working for Wisconsinites, her rubber-stamp voting record of President Biden’s ‘Bidenomics’ agenda proves that she’s more concerned with her Washington insider status than the well-being of Wisconsinites. The Biden-Baldwin partnership has caused enough damage for too long. It’s time to prioritize real solutions that put Wisconsinites first.”